Saturday, 23 September 2017

blo blo blo

(The hostel had the WiFi turn off so I decided to write a draft because I couldn’t think of any other beneficial-and-not-boring-for-me stuff apart from this.)

I don’t know what makes me keep posting here though blogging is no longer a trend. There are lots of blogs already abandoned by their author, can’t you see? I understand, people are getting busier day by day which they got no time to blog. So do I. Um, I don't think so. Apparently, we, students, always use the word 'busy' as an excuse while the truth is, we don't manage our time properly. Huhu.

I couldn’t really recall how I started blogging.  But at least I know exactly why I do blogging. Um, for me, it is like a public diary, you know. Plus, I have tons of abandoned diaries which I have stopped writing on it, in order to save the Mother Earth by using fewer papers. LOL. Just kidding. I am one of the trend victims. Um, not really.

To be honest, I create one because I want. I love telling stories, even though I am not good enough for it. I often think that I have poor communication skill. I always, you know, tersasul, kadang terpelat, tak cukup nafas, tertinggal perkataan, tersalah sebut, cakap laju sangat, tak susun ayat masa bercerita, you name it. Instead of telling stories verbally, why not I express the stories here? I am tired of being criticized by ayah (and also some of my friends) about the way I communicate huhu.

For your information, this blog is not my first one. It is my second. I did create a blog before this one because I don’t like the name of that blog I put. (That moment I thought the blog name is fixed for forever and cannot be changed, sorry lah masa tu noob lagi huhu). Before I created this blog, I took me seriously to decide this blog’s name, for days. Guess how did I come up with ‘budaknostalgeek’ ? Aha! It’s #showerthoughts. Ten marks if you guessed it correctly. I hope you won’t find my previous blog. One of my classmates managed to find out about it and I deleted that blog immediately.

Today, I tried typing ‘nostalgeek’ on Google Translate and found out that the word ‘nostalgeek’ means nostalgia in Spanish. Wow. What a coincidence.

When I was in primary school, I have many ideas what to write here. I still have the drafts that I made about primary school life but don’t wanna post them because I left it half-done. Just like this blog’s title, it is ‘nostalgeek’. Nostalgic + geek, you can see it obviously. I always keep stuffs which umi  sometimes considers as trashes.  When I was little, I wondered if I would become a famous person, my stuffs could be used as artifacts for the museum. Once I had the ambition to build a museum for myself to display all my so-called artifacts.

I am not really sure if my friends do really visit my blog frequently. Like, who in theEarth are my real audience, though. I get annoyed when Syamil opens up my blog during classes in the computer lab. Some of my friends misuse this blog as a laughing stock *facepalm*. It's okay. Blogs are meant to be read. If not, just set it private. Done.

It's a few months left to end 2017. I have done so many things this year. Wow.

.......... selingan  ..........

Syamil : Sab, kau masukkan nama aku dalam blog kau kan?!
me : Eh haah lah, tapi kat post yang mana eh?
Syamil : Yang ujian UKM2 punya. Kenapa kau masukkan nama aku?!
me : Salah ke?

Till this post is posted, I still mention him here. Syamil, if you want to know, your name is also mentioned in my diary. Don’t worry, I don’t write nasty things about you okay hehe.

WiFi had come back! Yeay! Now I can publish this entry so the people /who cares/ can read this.
Salam Maal Hijrah guys! 
Hope we all can be a better Muslim this year :)

(macam mana aku nak hapuskan garisan bawah ni sia -_- )

Sunday, 20 August 2017



Yesterday, we took our UKM2 online test (like for the third time in my life) in computer school lab. Before we enter the test, each of us has the option to choose a language to be used in the test. Either Bahasa Melayu or English, I clicked on 'English' and typed out my IC number and clicked 'enter'.



Yup, I recognise that never have I ever took the test in English and always in Bahasa Melayu.

I suppose to take the test at 2 pm on schedule. I want it to end early, so I came up early, about five minutes earlier.

A few minutes later, Syamil showed up.
I told him 'Aku menyesal pilih Bahasa Inggeris, Syamil'
And he took the test in Malay, beside me.
I was a little bit stressed out, sitting beside him.
He is somewhat an OCD freak. Though I enjoy befriending of him.

Miss Fifa was the teacher in charge. She was my English teacher. She walked around the computer lab and pat my shoulder. She said, "Bagus bagus, orang yang buat guna English ni I sayang".


Despite the compliment, I still do regret for choosing English. There's a section where you have to state or describe the words given. I am not good in vocabulary. I exactly had no idea when the test asked for the meaning of 'meticulous' and 'superstition' and much more new words that I don't know. Here you can see that I might be a reader, but not really for English. Some of my entries are written in English for the sake of improvement. (Ok, is my sentence just now sounds insincere?)

So we are going to have a short discussion regarding the word 'stalk'.
What comes up to your mind when talking about 'stalk', huh?

'Okay class, hari ini kita belajar imbuhan'

-alk as in

I was taught these in an English tuition, not school. I even did my own rhyme using these words and the rhyme sounds nonsense and silly, but might be funny for others. I could not recall the rhyme but I have the book where I wrote it on. During that time, I was proud of it. Yeah.

Reaching adolescence, I knew another meaning for 'stalk', means kind of an act of peeping someone virtually on social media.

WHY DO PEOPLE STALK? That's the question.

People stalk for persons they only interested. If they are not, they would not do it. Right? So do I.

I stalk sometimes. And realise how I spend my time so 'efficiently'. It feels like to know someone's behind the scene. For me, it is interesting to know how someone could change, from the time they were little until who they are now. That is my type of entertainment :/ I can see myself someday I would get arrested for making someone feel harassed or disturbed by only, stalking. *sighs*

Not everyone is willing to tell about how their life goes. Not everyone has a decent life we are. Okay, after we listen to the story we may think his/her is just decent, but it may be shameful and disgraceful for him/her. I do not really mind if someone stalk me, in the Internet ofc, as long he/she stalks without making me ashamed of it, and also as long he/she does not violate my safety and privacy. If you stalk me in real life, I would call the police immediately without hesitation.

Some people are just moving on. They live for present and future. They do not like their past being talked as a conversation. I remember what my physical ed teacher always said, "Past is past" after he gave his speech to us because we (unintentionally, seldom intentional) came up late to the class. ps: do not come late to class ok.

Whatever your life is. Be grateful!
I have read a quote saying, 'Bad choices make good stories' and I agree with it.

I am sorry if you do not get what I am trying to share. Lately,  I have been so much random to everything. When I was eating with my friends and at the moment, a hilarious thing appears in my mind and suddenly I burst out laughing. Is that normal? I feel not. Is there any medication or treatment to cure me? Huhu

It is exam week. Next Monday is the last day. I have only Addmath paper left. I should be studying.

...... epilogue .......

*someone comes in the computer lab in sudden, wearing school uniform*

Ivan : sorry, Miss (for late). I was involved in KMC (Kangaroo Math Competition) ceremony

Syamil : *whisper* Kau tak pergi ke Sab?
aku : Tak, aku tak dapat 'medal' tahun ni.

I realize that I am still not really capable in math. Maybe just a little slightly better compared to my friends. There's so much to improve and enhance. To be honest, I do get jealous for those who afford to enroll any *expensive* extra classes or courses. Once I was mad at Nana for forgetting and not applying what she learned at Kumon. To be specific, I think I have treated her like a daughter to a fussy mother. For that reason, I put all my effort to explore by myself. On the Internet. Can I declare myself as 'self-taught'?

Ok bye.

Monday, 7 August 2017

july has ended

Aku takde benda pun nak cakap kat sini sebenarnya. Secara kasarnya, aku adalah benda nak taip kat sini tapi takde poin sangat dan post kali ini bersifat rawak.

Aku dah ada draf pasal hari lahir aku tapi tulah, tiba-tiba rasa tak nak post pulak. Draf tu dah siap dah, cuma tak masukkan gambar lagi. Tapi gambar semua dalam tablet, asyik terlupa je nak transfer. Sebenarnya, laptop aku takleh transfer pun sebab laptop aku takde tempat cucuk USB (ada tapi aku buat benda tu takde, malas nak cerita huh). Aku send gambar melalui Whatsapp je HAHAH tapi yang bengong nya aku send bukan sekaligus. Sekarang tablet pulak dah kurang siuman.

Alkisahnya begini, satu hari ni aku ada jugalah sekali berdoa nak phone baru. Esoknya, tab aku jadi sewel. Sampai ke harini, aku takut nak berdoa minta phone baru. Kat sini aku dapat pengajaran. Untuk dapatkan sesuatu, kita kena korbankan sesuatu. Aku minta phone baru, dan Allah tarik balik nikmat tab aku huhu. Untuk sekarang, kita berkomunikasi guna laptop yang rupa macam tab gergasi ni hehe. Sejujurnya aku rindu whatsapp weh.

Tapi takpe, ni aku ada satu gambar yang sempat aku ada, yeay!

Barang perempuan. Aku tak guna lagi sampai sekarang.

Bayangkan pada pagi hari jadi aku bangun pagi je ternampak benda tu. Nasib baiklah bukan hantu kotak terbang ke apa. Dah elok-elok berdiri tengok muka kat cermin lepastu sambung hempap katil balik. Sebab tak tahu nak 'react' apa punya pasal. Ok cukuplah satu spoiler di sini. Tengoklah kalau aku dapat semua gambar yang aku nak upload tu nanti, aku akan pertimbangkan nak post ke tak hehu. Kalau tak, biarlah draf itu kekal sebagai draf buat selamanya hehe.

Tapi melalui hari jadi aku hari itu, aku dapat pengajaran. Ada benda lagi penting selain birthday wishes and hadiah, iaitu ; apabila ada orang menghargai kita. Yang tak wish tu pun tak semestinya tak menghargai. Apabila dihargai, kita pun jangan lupa menghargai orang tu balik :') Thanks for all the prayers, wishes, and gifts!

Oh ya, ni mungkin lari topik tapi masa hari jadi aku (9 Julai) ada pencalonan jawatan exco kat sekolah aku. Dan masa birthday klasmet aku lak, Ilhan (24 Julai) tu pengumuman jawatan exco. Ilhan bertanding dan dia dapat kerusi. Aku bertanding dan aku TAK dapat, tapi takpe. Aku gembira dapat pengalaman tulis CV, kertas kerja, dsbg selama aku bertanding. Tak sia-sia aku kempen "Jangan undi Sabrina sebagai exco" xD

Aku selalu terfikir kalau ada orang betul-betul mengikuti perkembangan blog aku. Yang selalu baca, yang selalu singgah, yang selalu stalk tu, terima kasih. Aku rasa malu sebenarnya, eh takdelah malu sangat. Kalau tak, dah lama aku delete blog ni. Tapi aku betul-betul malu kalau ada member tiba-tiba cakap pasal blog aku ni di luar alam maya. Dah pernah ada kes klasmet aku petik nama blog aku ni. Nasib baik lah klasmet je, tapi malu tu tetap ada. Kau jangan main-main, ada bapak kawan aku siap pernah print lagi blog aku ni tau. Aku tak tahu nak bangga ke apa sia. Dahlah bapak kawan, kalau kakak abang dia ke, adik dia ke, takpe jugak TT

Ketika post ini ditulis, aku berumur 15 tahun, 3 minggu, 29 hari. Ya aku tahu, korang tak kisah.