Thursday, 6 July 2017

it's July guysss

my favourite month ofc! guess why? keep on reading this post hehe

First of all, SELAMAT HARI RAYAAAAA! How's your raya going? What colour theme of your baju raya this year? I received not many duit raya this year then I use them to be my pocket money at asrama, since I am shy to ask for money to my parents. This raya, I said to my girl friends to come over my room (at asrama lah), but there'll be no duit raya and no kuih raya, but I promise them free WiFi haha ><

I was not satisfied for Ramadan this year for some reasons. I managed to khatam (finish reading the entire) Quran but I didn't. Another one, I didn't feel sincere on fasting. I mean, I just fasted for a month, but keep on sinning. This popular ustaz (but I forgot his name) came over to my school to give ceramah at my school. I heard that fasting is not just to not drink or eat, but also to restrain yourself from lust = menahan nafsu. I failed that so technically, I failed the whole Ramadan, isn't it?

Hopefully it was not our last Ramadan. Hardly ever.

I have been through the half of the year. So much things I did, so much lesson I learnt, so much knowledge I acquired. Since I have the same fixed classmates since Form 1 (at my school called it Foundation 1), I noticed some changes on my friends, and so do I. I think.

It is not just the people change. My favourite object also did. A day before raya, when I was waiting for a bus to go to the bus terminal, I had my tablet on my left hand and empty right hand. Then I saw my friend came towards me and I tried to wave to her with my right hand. Ended up, it accidentally knocked my tablet at left and kprakk. A cracking noise. I know you can imagine how my tablet is going to look like. It's okay, I didn't cry that day. When I arrived home, I swear I didn't even turn on my tablet for a day. You might say, 'Hek eleh sehari je pun' but I'm freaking proud of that. Could you? *smirk*

Other than that, I have another stuff to be proud of. I do not mean to show off, but I hope you do it too. This year, I motivate myself to not afraid of trying. Yes, I do, often, but not all the time. Once I had a thought like 'No I don't want to do this because I don't know how, they'd think I am fool for showing my weaknesses if I'm wrong'. Last year I told umi that I really wanted to participate in this math competition but the fee kills me inside (haha, tak mahal bagi kaulah tapi bagi aku jelah huhu) so I cancelled my intention. Umi said, 'Trying is never useless'. I keep the words in mind and apply it after a year later (this year lah -- ). I don't regret the mistakes I made because of 'trying'. At least I am not doing nothing. With trying, I know my strength which I can use it to help others and benefit myself, getting know my weaknesses make me want to be better later. Sometimes we perceive someone as perfect, but actually, God just hide the flaws. I am glad for my flaws which prove that I am truly a homo sapiens, yeay! Btw, someone says that effort is attractive. Hmmm iya ke ha

And ya, today, in biology class, we learn about coordination and response using slideshow. Cikgu Nisa introduces us with Phineas Gage (when cikgu was about to say his full name, we thought about Phineas and Ferb xD ). Gage survived in an accident where a large iron stabbed through his head. Auch. Horrible, ain't it? Click here to know more about Phineas Gage. Cikgu surfed more about him in Wikipedia. I was just getting excited when I saw his birthdate - 9 July (though it has stated it's uncertain), but that date is certainly my birthday! Yeay! Just to let you know, the most expensive gift to someone is a prayer, hehe.

Since my birthday is in July, I wish this month is going to be wonderful and memorable to me.

That's all for now. Counting days...
I think I have to improve my English so here you go.

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